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Saul Rathbone’s Woman: The Reeducation of Aria Jackson 



Aria had been wearing Saul’s ring on her right hand for three months. They decided they were in the pre-engagement stage since they were dating less than a year but things were hot and heavy. Aria was still petrified by her feelings and the way Saul made her think and held her accountable. It was so easy to slip back into working and doing instead of loving and being. She was definitely a work in progress as Saul Rathbone’s Woman.

Saul felt overwhelmed with feelings for Aria. His attraction to her started long before she was old enough for him to do anything about it but over the years when he saw her, her head and nose had been in the air and he left her to it and continued doing his thing. However, her moving back home and working changed the game. Seeing and interacting with her revealed all his feelings and hers. She was now his woman but the challenges had not let up. He wanted and needed her to be more than his woman, he needed her partnering, full force with the things that made him tick and he wanted that same kind of connection to what she did.


Growth is an ever blossoming cycle. It takes patience and dedication to be with someone whom is inside the growth process. Saul Rathbone, see’s the potential growth of his lover girl/woman; Aria. Letting Aria progress on her own is the best thing for everyone. But surprise, surprise a blast jolts Aria head first into her growth. Being the man he is, Saul stands firmly beside his woman, but lets her know HE’s the man. Aria’s relationship with other women in his past and even her mother take on twisted directions as Aria comes into her own. This was a very good read, aside from a couple minor errors, I highly recommend this series. Light and refreshing. 4.5 Stars

Saul Rathbone’s Woman


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