The Reeducation of Aria Jackson


Aria Jackson left Greenfield in search of an MBA from Wharton and her dignity. She felt escaping the hood and her uneducated but loving mother would validate her. However, a job as the youngest Vice President at a local bank brings her home and she has to realize her hometown, her mom and nothing else was what she thought and that one can never escape who they are or where they are from and what part will local philanthropist and entrepreneur, Saul Rathbone add to her mix?

The Reeducation of Aria Jackson covers timely and sensitive issues that plague the prodigal daughters of America’s inner cities.


Aria Jackson returns home educated and bougie. Coming from a less than stellar environment, the educated Aria feels too good for the area and the people, with the exception of her mother. Instead of moving back into the old neighborhood, she takes a condo in a more chic part of town. Her job as VP takes priority over her life as she tries to set a standard of higher living for herself. Little does she know that the people she seemingly looks down on are more prosperous than she. Her mother, Helen gives her, the first lesson. The delectable Saul Rathborne gives her the second. Saul the brother of her childhood friend sees the woman she’s becoming and fights his temptation as best he could. When they both realize that they are fighting a losing battle, the journey begins. Aria gets the lesson of a lifetime.

This novella like many others by the author was wonderfully written. Empowered people of color making changes and impacting the lives of those around them. This is definitely a lesson many educated hoods, should learn.

The Reeducation of Aria Jackson


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