What will you sacrifice for love?

She Opened Her Eyes: A Cautionary Tale by Paschanita Nicole




Opening her eyes, Amelia slowly stretched, allowing a yawn to slip past her lips. She smiled at the sun as it warmed the skin she had grown to despise. For a brief moment she forgot where she was until the body next to hers shuffled snatching the covers away from her thinning frame, followed by loud obnoxious snoring. She was quickly reminded she wasn’t alone. Giving her eyes enough time to adjust to the dimly lit room she found the strength to get out of bed and go to the bathroom. Cutting on the light, she stared into cold, life drained eyes. The small thought of what did I become came as quickly as it left. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the only thing in this world that seemed to bring her peace, As small, As round, As white as one pill could be it was in her mind her saving grace.

This story follows Amelia as she allows her life to plummet into a downward spiral, chasing after the wrong things in life. Amelia didn’t have much love for herself; she sought it within others. After meeting Mason, Amelia becomes someone even she doesn’t recognize. The story touches on several issues in many young girls today, who believe that the appearance is all they need. I enjoyed this novella, what a way to start your writing career. However the abrupt ending was not pleasing. I’d enjoy reading more of this author as she discovers her own voice and pacing. 4 Stars


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