Any book you’ve never read is a new book…The Gift

The Gift by Danielle Steel



On a June day, a young woman in a summer dress steps off a Chicago-bound bus into a small midwestern town. She doesn’t intend to stay. She is just passing through. Yet her stopping here has a reason and it is part of a story that you will never forget.

The time is the 1950s, when life was simpler, people still believed in dreams, and family was, very nearly, everything. The place is a small midwestern town with a high school and a downtown, a skating pond and a movie house. And on a tree-lined street in the heartland of America, an extraordinary set of events begins to unfold. And gradually what seems serendipitous is tinged with purpose. A happy home is shattered by a child’s senseless death. A loving marriage starts to unravel. And a stranger arrives—a young woman who will touch many lives before she moves on. She and a young man will meet and fall in love. Their love, so innocent and full of hope, helps to restore a family’s dreams. And all of their lives will be changed forever by the precious gift she leaves them.

The Gift, Danielle Steel’s thirty-third best-selling work, is a magical story told with stunning simplicity and power. It reveals a relationship so moving it will take your breath away. And it tells a haunting and beautiful truth about the unpredictability—and the wonder—of life.



Generally speaking, I don’t read a lot of Historical fiction, but I found this at the library book sale and decided to give it a try.

This historical romance set in the 1950’s during the time when being an unwed mother was shamed for some people.  Setting of on her own Maribeth meets Tommy who’s family is going through a tragedy of his own.  The Gift is a very heartwarming, compassionate and inspirational book. Everyone faces difficult decisions in life and some are very hard to deal with.  Then the loss of a child can bring about a state that no one is prepared to deal with.  Maribeth had to make decisions based on what would be best.  The story was a very quick read, yet pulled at the heart strings greatly.  4 Stars

The Gift


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