Summer woman…relax, relate, release.

A Woman in Summer: Soulful songs for mid-life meditation

by Charlene J. Evans



A collection of poetic meditations about living, loving, and losing told through the eyes of women who are old enough to know, yet young enough to learn. No doubt you will find your own quotable truth inside these pages


I was initially drawn in by the cover art, a simply beautiful watercolor cover.  This is a collection of poetry and mid-life meditations.  It is a very short book, a collection that could be read when you’re in between books.  Her style is quite simplistic, some poems ended before they began.  I enjoyed reading the poetic words; I would say my favorite would be Maybe…

3 Stars.



Maybe, if time rolls on, (and it will),

We will have, (or become), the promise.

Life’s light will shine, (somewhere),

Love’s call will be answered, (somehow),


If time rolls on,

(And it will).


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