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It AIN’T Love I Want by Angelia V. Menchan 



“I am not looking for love!” Zaria said with force.

Ella Fukui’s head snapped at her daughter’s words. Zaria was twenty-eight, successful and stubborn. She only seemed to want to work and chase men… not even men but sex.
“Then what are you looking for Zaria?”
Ella looked at her beautiful daughter and knew she could have whatever she wanted. She was the perfect combination of Ella’s African American dark beauty and her father’s Japanese ancestry. Her shoulder length hair was the color of midnight and flowed in thick waves. Her skin was pore free and the color of tea and the strong, toned body made men stop in their tracks, it always had and Zaria embraced that. The thing was, she was also brilliant, she worked as a manager of technical engineers and owned her own home and would jet off whenever she was moved to.
“Mom, that is the thing, I am not looking for anything. I am living. Right now I love my work and it seems to bring you pain but I love sex without attachment. If I ever decide I want more, I will go for it.”
Ella felt her words and knew there was nothing she could do about any of it. Zaria had always done what she wanted.
Zaria embraced her sexual desire at eighteen. She lived inside her fantasies and knew she wanted to be free to be sexual, so before ever having sex, she went to the doctor on her own and got birth control and condoms. She had always been precocious and sure of herself and one thing she was completely sure of is she wanted sex, lots of it and was going to have it. She was sorry Ella felt as she did but she was full grown and in charge of her own life and libido.



What happens when a sexually charged woman accepts her desire?  And one who represses her desire? Zaria is young, focused and motivated.  She knows what she wants and goes after it…no holds barred.  When love isn’t one the menu, things can take off quick and fast; and that’s just what happens in this novella.  It’s a fast paced, sexually driven read.  The main character Zaria, unpacked her va jay jay and took us on a wild ride with her cookie.  But when you unleash the cookie on some, there are repercussions.  Ella, Zaria’s mother fears that she may become what she was; that fear has held her captive.  There are a host of characters inside this book waiting to unleash their stories.  I always enjoy this author’s work, she gives you a glimpse into her world with a neo-soul flare and a lesson.  4 Stars 




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