Can’t Love What I Don’t Trust 2 [Excerpt] by Khara Campbell

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Cantlove2Just when Cassandra thought perhaps she was getting her life on track, she’s faced with an unwanted pregnancy, by a man she doesn’t love and who doesn’t love her back.

It seems history is repeating itself for Marco as well – a second woman pregnant from a one night stand? He wants to do the right thing but Cassandra refuses to be just his obligation. She’d been there, done that and didn’t want a repeat. Besides, there was still Damian.

And then when doubt creeps in – trust is on the line. Is the baby even his?

The day that Cassandra had been working hard toward for years had finally arrived. It was her graduation day, she would receive her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. She was ecstatic. All the hard work: late hours studying, traveling back and forth to classes around her work schedule, tuition payments and paying extra…

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