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Jamal Turner is near the top of his game. Widely-known as the trusted right-hand man to music mogul Chris Scaife, he’s poised to become chief operating officer of his friend and mentor’s international recording conglomerate. But while his career prospects have never been better, Jamal is still plagued by the memories of his humble beginnings, threatening to pull him back down just as he’s on the come up.

Makayla Hughes knows who she is and where she comes from, and she flat out refuses to allow working in the high-powered recording industry to change her or her most closely-held friendships. But when she’s thrown into close quarters, working on a project with the notorious Jamal Turner, she begins to wonder whether her determination to ‘keep it real’ is also keeping her world very, very small.

Jamal is drawn to Makayla, but he can’t let the man he used to be stand in the way of the man he’s becoming. There’s no doubt she fits into the life Jamal used to have, but what’s not as clear is whether she belongs in the life he wants.


This was my first read by this author, which may be a disadvantage to the review.  The story follows up to previous books; featuring some of the characters key to this book.  It starts off with Jamal in pursuit of an up and coming indie artist Devin Parks.  Devin is temperamental, the  typical hard to work with artist.  Makayla, his childhood friend who works for Scaife Enterprises is the connection Jamal uses to gain access to Devin.  The following fifty percent of the book, is an in depth look behind the scenes of the music industry and what it takes to make a star.  The romance in this book takes an extreme amount of time to cultivate, but once pass the industry lesson it takes off and running.  It’s clear from the onset that Makayla is attracted to Jamal and vice versa but who he was is conflicting with who he wants to be.  Reading backwards isn’t something I’m prone to doing however if I would, this would be one I would take on.  The characters are well developed and memorable, I would have liked to see more inside the mind of Devin Parks.  The plot, although well thought out and detailed took too long to peak.  Being that this was a series, I am going to give the first book a gander.  4  Stars

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