When R&B Divas meet fiction…

Whatever it Takes by Shelia Goss


Maisha, Isis, Shayla and Stacy are the hit sensation group known as M.I.S.S.  Friends from childhood the group of ladies enjoyed success in the music industry for a while.  That came to an abrupt end with an all out brawl between Maisha and Stacy over…you can surely guess, a man.  Years have passed and the book starts off with Maisha planning to get the group back together for a reunion.  Having enjoyed some success and a multitude of fans, Maisha is now in need of a comeback.  Getting the members together for one more chance to revive their once successful career for Maisha is going to take a some of finesse and a lot of forgiveness.  This was a highly entertaining novella.  If you are a fan of reality t.v. shows this is a good dose in book form.  4 Stars.


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