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Could you forsake all others for love?  Mahad and Sadia will be put to the ultimate test in this novella.  Love’s Culture is the first book in the series of interracial romance.

Mahad, a Saudi from Dubai and Muslim, leaves his homeland after falling in love with American culture and women.  He comes back to America to pursue his passion and start his own architect firm.   Sadia, defies the standard as an African American woman, small business owner and PR consultant.  Sadia is passionate about books and her passion lead to her business as a bookstore owner.  While hosting a signing for a local poet’s work, Sadia and Mahad’s world collide.  Attending the same signing for his friend Cyrus, Mahad is immediately struck by Sadia’s beauty.  Mahad is a man’s man…He knows what he wants and exactly how to articulate so eloquently, he leaves you longing to be Sadia.

Yet Love’s culture is more than a love story, its drama packed.  Sadia’s long time (sister) friend  Jerica is more than she appears to be.  She’s sneaky and messy all balled into one.  Well with friends like Jerica, who’ll need an enemy.  Trust is every thing in friendship.

Then the woes of interracial relationships breaks through the epidermis.  Mahad’s father is a devout Muslim.  He is dead set against Mahad, marrying or dating anyone outside of the faith or race.   Lynn, Sadia’s mother is a conservative christian woman.  Although she wants what’s best for Sadia, she wishes she would settle down with a good man of faith.

The characters of Love’s Culture were well thought out, defined and will make you fall in love.

5 Stars for this IR read.


Walking in, Mahad was taken aback by the crowd and many turned to glance at him. He was a tall handsome man with dark Arabic skin, short curly hair and a soft low-cut beard. Dressed in jeans and a white shirt it was also clear he was in great shape. His eyes zoomed in on Sadia who was working with the crowd, getting them in and out of line as smoothly as possible. His eyes roamed over her thinking, “Her photo and video did her no justice. She is stunning.”

Feeling someone looking at her, she turned to look directly into Mahad’s face and felt something jolt through her.
Damn, that is one gorgeous man. She thought before turning back to her customers. Mahad walked around, browsing her shelves, filling his arms with books he wanted to read. He loved reading books on architecture; he also loved history and biographies. He became lost in the wonderful collection

“Would you like a bag?” A throaty voice asked behind him. Turning, he saw Sadia standing close to him, offering him a huge cloth bag with the store’s logo of a huge book and a cup.

“I suppose, I need one. Your place is wonderful. Cyrus is my friend.” His eyes pierced hers and she was unable to look away.

“Great, great. I don’t see his book among those.” He grinned at her words. His smile and lips made her heart flutter.

“Right, I will get that once the line goes down, I am not done shopping.”

“Then don’t let me be a distraction to you…”

“It is too late, you have already distracted me. My name is Mahad Basari. I am originally from Saudi Arabia but this is now my home.”

Taking her hand, he held it and she felt sweat gather at the nape of her neck and trickle down. Slowly removing her hand, she smiled at him.

“I am Sadia Lemont.” She hurried away feeling his eyes on her.

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