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Gabi isn’t looking for love. At all. She’s much more interested in starting a new life, in a new city, away from the overbearing demands of her parents.

Terrence… is even less into the idea of a relationship than Gabi. He’s in a good place in his career, focused on receiving a coveted promotion.

Follow along with Gabi and Terrence as they navigate the stages of a relationship that was never meant to go further than a single night. Will they be able to overcome the challenges of family and career to build something that could last?


Running away from overbearing parents and a clueless ex-boyfriend, Gabi moves to Atlanta to start her new career and life.  Upon arriving, her new roommate takes her out for her first night in Atlanta.  There she meets Terrance, the attraction appears immediate and mutual. But just like most chance club meetings, the phone call afterwards doesn’t happen.  Focusing on his family and career, Terrance makes little time for personal relationships beyond one night.  The chance meeting takes a turn as Gabi starts her first day at the prestigious P&G law firm, when her mentor for the year is non other than Terrance.  Let the roller-coaster ride begin! 

This was a very enjoyable story.  The characters were well thought out and some like Gabi’s parents and ex, made you hate them instantly.  Gabi was a bit timid for my taste, which contrasted with her profane language at times.  The ending was extremely neat, yet left you wondering what happens with Gabi and Terrance moving forward.  That is answered in the preview, which gives too much insight to the unhappily ever after.  I would have loved to see more depth in the secondary characters, Gabi’s mom and dad; and learned why they pressed so hard to marry her off to someone who is obviously a potential abuser and cheater.

Overall I look forward to reading more of this author soon.

4.5 Strictly Professional

4.5 Stars (1)


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