Love’s emotional roller coaster

MADE TO LOVE YOU by Sheryl Lister



Devin Simms has never forgiven the woman who walked out on him, but when he sees her again, he realizes the passion between them still burns–and even hotter than before. As they spend an unexpected two weeks together beneath the Caribbean sun he knows he wants more. Can he learn to forgive and reclaim the only woman who’s claimed his heart?

Floral shop co-owner Vivian Michaels believes she has finally put her past to rest. But when a wedding in Jamaica brings her face-to-face with the man she loved and had to leave behind, she realizes that she never stopped loving Devin. Every kiss reminds her of what she’s missed, and perhaps what she can still have if she would only trust him with the truth.


Can circumstances cause soul mates to dissipate?  In Made to Love you Devin Simms an upcoming architect faces this problem when the love of his life, Vivian Michaels suddenly breaks off the relationship with no explanation or warning.  Vivian is the co-owner of a floral shop, with her long time high school friend Mariah.   Since the breakup Vivian has avoided Devin and continued on with a mundane life, until literally landing in his lap aboard the flight to Jamaica for their clients wedding.  All of the unresolved feelings felt by both parties, send them on an emotional roller-coaster ride for the duration of their trip.  

This novella was a good romance, with dark secrets, drama and steamy sex scenes.  What it lacked however was some visualization.  The author often mentioned the beautiful sunsets in Jamaica but she failed to make me see them.  I couldn’t relish in the view because it wasn’t there.  There was great detail in the emotions felt from the characters Devin and Vivian end even Mariah.  Although I enjoyed the book and finished it one sitting, the ending was to tidy yet ended Happily ever after.  

4 Stars    


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