For ‘tweens and teens.

Make a difficult conversation easy.

Run, Tell That Too! By Trae Ferguson 



Being a teen is not easy and there are many lessons to be learned that are not taught in school. Korey Gaber, a 17 year old high school graduate of Digital Harbor High School learns the importance of dressing for success, Nasear Washington, a junior at Pimlico Junior High School gets a history lesson on the N-word, Olivia Robinson, a high school senior at Baltimore City College learns a valuable lesson about trust and friendship and Jordan Matthews, a freshman at Polytechnic Institute learns a dangerous lesson about internet dating. Meet these teens and many more as they share their stories with hopes that you learn from their experiences, as they did. “Know Better, Do Better!”


Having a conversation with your child about social issues today, can be difficult.  Run tell that too, is a great way to break the ice and open up the lines of communication.  The stories are relatable and current in today’s social climate.  I highly recommend this book for your tweens and teens.  Break the ICE and Run, Tell That Too!


Get your copy on Kindle today.  Run, Tell That Too!



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