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Love Trumps Culture: Love’s Culture 2 by Angelia V. Menchan 



Mahad Basari wanted nothing more than to marry Sadia Lemore. They had been dating for several months and they had been intense months. He didn’t feel it was possible for him to love her any more. The fact that his father did not approve and refused to speak to him until he broke up with her was of no consequence; he wanted, needed and would have Sadia as his wife. Also the new interlopers on the scene have their agendas but they are powerless in the face of his love.

Sadia had never loved anyone more than she did Mahad and he treated her the way she had always dreamed of being treated but the lack of acceptance of her by his father was still a concern. She was very close to her mother and father and could not imagine not having them as part of her life or having their blessings, but giving Mahad up was not an option.
Her prayer was that LOVE really could Trump Culture!


The question still floats on air….”Can Love truly Trump Culture?”  If you’re Mahad Basari and Sadia Lemore, it most certainly can.  In this installment, we see a different side to Sadia’s mother, Lynn.  At first she comes off as a bit jealous and non supportive of her daughter.  But at a deeper look, she’s quite protective of her and will speak her mind on the obstacles that threaten her daughter’s happiness.  The new characters introduced in this installment add another bit of flavor.  What truly makes love triumph is Sadia’s dedication to the relationship.  When Mahad’s father appears out of the blue, Sadia not only impresses him but her actions pulls at Mahad’s heartstrings.  Giving 100% to the relationship is what makes Love Trump Culture.

4 Stars

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