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For the Love of… Love’s Culture 4 by Angelia V Menchan



Two months in Italy had been a boon to Dona’s career and her relationship with Fernando but she wasn’t sold on marriage. He proposed in Italy but she told him she needed more time. Marriage scared her. She had never seen or experienced a good one up close and personal. Deep Denton, her producer seemed to have a great marriage but he came from that and no marriage she ever saw seemed as good as the one with Mahad Basari and his wife Sadia but they were for all intents, newlyweds. She wanted and needed more than the past six months, she felt compelled to know Fernando beyond the goodness. Being alone in Italy with music playing and room service could fool a sister.

Fernando understood Dona’s hesitancy and wasn’t sure about his own urgency. It was as if he needed to marry her as quickly as possible to insure she was his. He also wondered if his past as gigolo, for lack of a better word was part of the problem; the week before they left Italy there had been an occurrence.

“Fernando.” The soft cultured voice called out.  Turning to face the beautiful and older Italian woman, Fernando tried to keep his face neutral. Dona stood by his side, with his arm draped around her waist.

“Hello, Maria, it has been years.”

“It has. I tried getting in touch with you for a long time but your numbers changed. I hear you are now quite the successful entertainer but you were always good at entertaining.” She simpered. Fernando felt Dona tense slightly.

“Yes, music is now my sole career. This is my woman, Dona. Dona this is Maria Fortelli, an old friend.”Maria’s face froze at the word old but she quickly recovered. Finally, she acknowledged Dona.

“You are a very fortunate woman. He comes with great references.” She said as she strode away, elegantly.

Dona turned back to the festivities and never addressed the meeting but Fernando felt her energy. He needed her to understand that was who he once was.


Mahad couldn’t get enough of Sadia’s belly. She was huge and he loved on her all the time, focusing on their baby. She was allowing Abia and Nelson and a couple others to run the Bookshop and she was home most days, taking it easy in the last weeks of her pregnancy. He could work from anywhere and was home with her as much as she allowed.

Moans escaped Sadia as Mahad rubbed pure, organic coconut oil on her naked belly. They were on the veranda and she was only wearing panties. Her breasts and belly were fully bloomed. Mahad’s eyes feasted on her beauty.

“Stop that or you are going to make me…” He said.

“You should. I know I am big but we can work this out.” She murmured. She didn’t have to say another word. He maneuvered her so he could have full access.


I never I would love just one woman, I never knew but I am glad I took the chance because all I now am and do is for Her Love…

The thing about reading a series is most times it becomes repetitive.  There’s only so much you can say about the two main characters.  However that’s not the case with this author and series.  In this installment, we follow Dona and the sexy sensation Fernando explore their new relationship.  Still inside the multicultural theme, Dona an African American woman and Fernando a Puerto Rican man explore love with a past.  Can they not only survive the cultural difference but also their past indiscretions?    This author pulls you in with strong Alpha Males and strong, yet feminine women.  Most of the men of this series all seem to know what they want and  will stop at nothing to get the women they want.  Maggie Mae and Reggie struggle with their relationship and finding a good medium where they both exist in love and life.  Maggie Mae’s new found wealth and freedom are somewhat of a hinderance to her now as she continues to live in the past and present.  Will Reggie stick around while she finds herself?  And will their love stand the test of time?

This series explores the depths of love and the trials that follow.  Each set explores the main characters and also dives deeper into the secondary characters giving them life and their own stories to tell.  I’ve not been much of a fan of BWWM interracial romance, as they don’t connect with me as a reader.  I don’t know any Billionaires and the women are usually too passive for my taste.  However this series has given me a new perspective on interracial romance because there are many types of interracial love to explore.

5 Stars

Grab your copy on Kindle.  For the Love of… :Love’s Culture 4

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