Series Spotlight: Alfonzo by S.W. Frank

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11692556_1660922347455372_1941061322132383454_nIf you do not like mafia series or if you’ve never read a mafia series, then this one will change your entire perspective. This, is the quintessential mafia series by which all others can be compared.


I discovered this series in my “suggestions” on Amazon. I took one look at this cover and was like “Harpo, who dis?” From the moment I read book 1, Alfonzo, way back in 2012, I have been hooked like dope. If I even attempted to summarize all 18, yes, 18 books, you’d be reading this post into next week.

Alfonzo IAlfonzo II

Why do I love this series so much? Because, it is everything you could want in a mafia romance: Action, drama, gore, deception, mystery, hilarity, hot sex…S.W. Frank leaves nothing to the imagination with her often poetic dialogue (which admittedly took me some getting used to.) Peep the family tree, and then I’ll break down…

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