It’s a hard knock life…

Lost and Turned Out by Zach Tate


514UpHfLS8L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_     Jason always seemed to find himself on the side of trying to come up, and doing jobs with Webb was not necessarily his best choice, but it paid the bills and helped to take care of his girlfriend, Tasha. Disappointments were not a stranger to Jason either as he maneuvered through life; however, being intelligent was a plus as he did what he had to do to improve his financial status. Ultimately moving out of the projects and the ‘hood was Jason’s goal, and the illegal ways in which he planned to do it was something he pushed to the back of his mind.

Will Jason’s lifestyle and decisions take him to a place he’s never been, or will he use his skills to make a legitimate life for himself?

Lost and Turned Out: Expect the Cross is part one of this incredible crime drama penned by the incomparable Zach Tate.


When you take a ride on the wild and dangerous side, karma will ultimately greet you sooner or later.  Growing up in the hood is a do or die lifestyle, for Jason and Webb its the only life they knew.  Jason lived the life halfheartedly, his main goal was to get a lick good enough to finally move out of the projects.  Webb on the other hand, lived for the next lick.  Stick up kids for life living the do or die lifestyle, until on day everything changes.  Jason’s unexpected meeting with Zieda, a young Latina from the Bronx changes his whole perspective as she introduces him to the lifestyle he desires.  Will his current relationship with Tasha, the around the way hood girl, sustain?  Webb is a gold fang bearing beast, ever ready to pounce on the next heist.

Will these stick up kids make it out of the only lifestyle they know?

I found this to be a pleasurable read, although it starts off a little slow it quickly recovers and the pace is a steady thrill.  Lost and Turned out is a lost jewel in urban literature, although somewhat graphic it’s lessons could last a lifetime.  I look forward to reading more of this author.

4 Stars

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