Death is a debt we must all pay…

Murder in the Quarters by Brian W. Smith




There is a serial killer loose in the French Quarter. He’s hunting psychics and palm readers, and won’t stop until he rids the world renowned tourist area of them all. The police are baffled by this elusive killer, but super sleuth, Sleepy Carter isn’t.




Death is a debt we all must pay…and in the dark of night, death sweeps in to clean the quarters.

Detective Donald “Sleepy” Carter is back in book two of the Sleepy Carter Mysteries.  The unofficial partner of new rookie Detective Elizabeth “Lizzy” Silverman.  In book two, the duo continues their mentor/protege connection a secret.  The Quarters is suddenly plagued by death’s henchman as bodies start to drop, but these aren’t just random murders. And as the bodies start to pile up, Lizzy races to solve the murders no one sees coming.  The array of characters involved in the search for the killer plaguing the quarters will keep you guessing who done it.

This was my first mystery by this author, but he is definitely climbing the ranks in my must read list.  Although Murder in the Quarters is book two in a series, this book was read as a standalone.  I was able to follow the plot and sequence of events without wondering what’s missing.  Visiting the French Quarter through the eyes of the characters kept the plot moving and vivid.  I enjoyed this so much I’m going back to check out book one.

5 Stars

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