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“There are worse crimes than burning books.  One of them is not reading them.”  

~Ray Bradbury


The Terrifying Tales of Edgar Allan Poe



The melancholy, brilliance, passionate lyricism and torment of Edgar Allen Poe are all well represented in this collection. Here, in one volume, are his masterpieces of mystery, terror, humor, and adventure, including stories such as The Tell-Tale Heart, The Cask of Amontillado, The Black Cat, The Masque of the Red Death, The Murders in the Rue Morgue, and The Pit and the Pendulum, to name just a few, that defined American romanticism and secured Poe as one of the most enduring literary voices of the nineteenth century.







Burying the Bitter by Tonya Rice  

419tGb-nU+L._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Eveline’s heading back to Richmond for her uncle’s funeral.

It’s a service she’d prefer to miss.

Uncle Neville was not the kind, old uncle the rest of the public deemed him to be and remembering his life is not what she wants to do. During the service she’s counting down the minutes for her flight back home in Atlanta. Only when she spots a familiar face from her past, she reconsiders going back so soon. Dodge Mallory. The one every girl in high school wanted, including Eveline. One embarrassing afternoon with him changed her life.Did he remember her? Did she really want him to? During one short trip… Eveline is forced to face all of her demons at once. Past and present.  Burying the Bitter introduces Josi’s Boutique, the featured setting of The Boutique Series.




Holiday Hotel: A sexy short story series by Barbara Joe Williams

51Jvl1G27SL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Janna and Waverly Jones have been married for fifteen years. When they set out on a holiday trip from Tallahassee, Florida, to Savannah, Georgia, an unexpected overnight stay at a hotel turns into a sexy scene on Christmas Eve. Will hotel sex be the best sex they’ve ever had or not?

Holiday Hotel 2: A Valentine’s Day story. Janna and Waverly Jones are at it again. They are planning a romantic night at a luxury hotel on Valentine’s Day. Will hotel sex be the best sex they’ve ever had or not?

Holiday Hotel 3:  Janna and Waverly Jones are ready to celebrate their sixteenth wedding anniversary at a local hotel. When work interrupts their sexy plans, will there be Fourth of July fireworks or not?





Restricted by Piper 



My sexual appetite is vast. Although I consider myself to be an independent woman, perfectly capable of taking care of myself, every now and then I like it just a little rough…but it has to be with the right man. Step into my playground and see just what I mean.








The Felix Women Finale?: The Felix Women Book VII by Angelia Vernon Menchan


Felina was almost nine months pregnant which was unprecedented for twins and her doctor was going to induce. She lay on the bed, holding onto Scott’s hand. He was jittery and beside himself with nervousness.
“Are you okay?” He whispered.
“I am good. In a matter of hours, we are going to be parents of two babies, Phoenix and Phe. Can you believe it? I am going to be mommy to two little Bradshaws.”
“I can believe it. You are going to be the best mommy in the world.” Leaning over, he kissed her gently, his heart swollen with love.
Arabella and Juan had been married almost four months and three of those months had been spent traveling. They were now enroute home because Scott sent Arabella a message, telling her they were inducing labor. Since they were in Scott’s home of Puerto Rico, the flight was a short one. Juan watched the pulse jump near his wife’s throat. He knew she was excited and tense.
“Bella, we will get there in time. Those babies are waiting for you.” Turning to him, she smiled a bit.
“I guess it shows. I wasn’t thinking I should have been home; she is eight and a half months pregnant with twins. She could have gone into labor anytime.” Taking her hand, he squeezed it.
“Have faith Bella… we will be there.” Relaxing a bit, she laid her head on his shoulder as the plane took off. Arabella Felix was going to be a grandmother and she could not be more pleased.
Walking up behind Charnetta, Jeffrey wrapped his arms around her. He asked her to marry him the same month he became mayor and she told him she needed a few months. It had been four and he was ready for an answer.
“I know you are ready to be married Jeffrey, it isn’t good for the new mayor to be unmarried…”
Turning her to face him, he kissed her briefly before responding.
“Baby, this has nothing to do with being mayor; this is about wanting to marry the woman I love. I was voted in as a single man.”
Charnetta smiled but her heart was filled with some trepidation. She was in her early forties and had never been married. Her son was grown and successful and she was used to coming and going as she chose but she was in love with Jeffrey. She knew it was time to make a leap of love and faith or move on….
I feel trapped. Alfred thought as he watched Ramiko sleep. She was six months pregnant with his child, a child she had poked holes in his condoms to get. She was almost the same age as his mother and though he cared about her, he wasn’t in love with her. He wanted to be but wasn’t. For the past four months, he had done all he could to be that guy but he wasn’t. The irony was, he wanted to be a father now that he was used to the idea, but a husband… What the hell was he going to do?

Killer Genius by Steven Van Patten

41lHgQ8L6dL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Imagine if you lived in a world where you couldn’t be racist, sexist, an uneducated bully or even a career criminal without being killed. That’s at least part of the vision of The Killer Genius, the most elusive serial killer in human history. Her methods are diverse and her knowledge is unfathomable. Sometimes she kills up close, other times she can be miles away. No matter how she decides to kill, one thing is clear – if you’re chosen, you’re as good as gone.

Will the one cop she deems a worthy adversary be able to stop her, or will she tear New York and the world at large apart to achieve her version of a New World Order?






The Audubon Park Murder by Brian W. Smith 


A beautiful college student is killed in Audubon Park – just a few feet away from St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans. There were no witnesses. The case is handed to newly minted detective, Elizabeth Silverman. It isn’t long before Elizabeth realizes there are multiple people who had an incentive to murder the young woman. Elizabeth is in over her head on this one, but she has a secret weapon – legendary detective Donald “Sleepy” Carter. But, there is one catch, everyone at the New Orleans Police Department believes Sleepy Carter is dead – and that’s exactly the way Elizabeth and Sleepy like it.

All available on Kindle


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