🎼 Drift into musical nostalgia 🎼

♪SUMMERTIME by Adrienne Thompson♪ 


J’Nay Walker is a talented singer, driven toward success by a promise she made to her late mother. One gloomy day, on the tail of some disappointing news, tragedy strikes, threatening not only to derail her plans but to end her life. As a result, she soon finds herself on an unlikely journey, but is she ready for an unlikely love?








“Would it be too forward of me to ask if you already have a beau, lovely songbird?”
I looked up at him, willed myself not to stare at his lips. “No—I mean, no, I don’t.”
His eyes widened in surprise. “The men around here must be dumb as rocks. Letting a fine-looking woman like you walk around here alone like this? I might just have to do something to fix that.”
I placed my hand on my chest. “Something like what?”
“Something like making you, my woman.”
I shook my head. “Can’t do that. You’re just passing through.”
He nodded slightly as he reached up and touched my cheek. “Well, if you’re my girl,” he whispered, “I guess you’ll have to come with me… or I’ll have to stay.”
Then he leaned in and softly kissed me on the lips. Every nerve, muscle, and blood vessel in my body vibrated, and my knees buckled ever so slightly. “Dizzy…” I said softly.
He backed away from me with an intoxicated look in his eyes. “Call me John. I like the way you say it.”
He smiled. “Yeah, I like that.”
“Dizzy, you holding up the game, man!” a voice shouted from upstairs.
He leaned in close to me again and smiled. “Damn, girl… you smell good.”
“I’m not wearing any perfume.”
“I didn’t think you were.”


J’Nay Walker had one strong ambition in life; to be a singer.  J’Nay lived to sing, and in doing so she let life, the living of life pass her by.  As she pursued her dreams to stardom, she worked in her aunt’s diner.  That’s where she first met John, the cook.  John’s shyness hindered him from following his heart and passions as well.    J’Nay is devastated after learning the one thing she wanted most wasn’t to be.  When tragedy strikes it not only hits once but twice.  When an armed man enters the diner where J’Nay works, the world she knew is turned upside down.  J’Nay is suddenly transported to a time and place where love abounds and music is everywhere.  Does J’Nay come to the realization that her desires are not fully being fulfilled? Will J’Nay’s heart-strings be pulled to live and love?

Summertime was a wonderful read, with notes of fantasy and historical fiction.  The authors signature style is once again on full display.  You can’t help but to enjoy reading her work.  With brief musical interludes, hidden messages and vibrant characters Summertime will capture the heart of any reader.

5 Stars

Grab your copy on kindle Summertime or drop by the author’s website http://adriennethompsonwrites.webs.com/





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  1. Libby Cole Author October 11, 2015 at 10:46 pm

    This sounds so good!


    • Lala October 11, 2015 at 10:47 pm

      It was a very good read.Enjoy!

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