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📚 Just Between Us by Brown, Christy, Dunlap, Haskins, Ross and Thompson 📚


Just Between US there is a determination to reminisce and reveal all that once crippled our lives. You are invited to share in this short story collection of TM Brown, Tamika Christy, Nicole Dunlap, Selena Haskins, Janice Ross and Adrienne Thompson. These stories are all real, no work of fiction can match the emotional expressions displayed in this heartfelt collection of inspirational stories.


When you combine the talents of six women destined for more than their current state, you get Just Between Us stories designed to encourage or inspire women.  I found them to be enjoyable.  Having read a couple of the listed authors, I was able to adapt to their unique styles.  This book reminds me  of Chicken Soup for the Soul, yet it comes just short of hitting their mark.  I would love to see these stories re-adapted, expanded and possibly include more writers.  If they should reconsider, they should write unafraid, unabashed and as if no one will ever read it.  But for now, the most enjoyable story I can remember was, Epiphany, it starts with a poem and then the story shows how children from a single parent home can still conquer.  Overall I give this book, 3 Stars


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