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“And what did you see?” I smiled and took a longer sip, wondering what was about to happen next.

“I saw a beautiful woman in need.”

“In need of what?”

He sat his cup on the coffee table behind us and answered my question by covering my mouth with his and igniting a towering blaze inside of me. Our tongues wrapped effortlessly around each other.

Alvis was right. I was in need of exactly this.

I pulled away slightly. “What are we doing?”

“Has it really been that long?”

Hell, yes! It’s been three long and lonely years.

“India, if I am being too presumptuous, just let me know. I wanted you from the first moment I laid eyes on you this morning and I have a feeling the same is true for you. Now, we are both adults and if this is what we both want, then there is nothing wrong with it. If not, I’ll gladly wish you a Merry Christmas and be on my way.”

The serious passion in his dark inviting eyes caused a warm throbbing between my thighs that almost set my thong on fire.

“I do want you, Alvis. But let’s be honest, we don’t know shit about each other. Things just seem to be moving a little too fast. I don’t want you to think I just go around sleeping with any and every man.”

“I don’t think that at all because that’s not how I roll either. But when two people are feeling each other…”

Alvis kissed me again, deeper this time. He grabbed my waist and pulled my body closer to his. I melted in the strength of his passionate embrace.

Damn, if you can make me feel this good with just a kiss…

With one swift motion, Alvis removed his turtleneck and revealed a golden six-pack that begged to be touched.

Look at you. I like.
“Your turn,” he said, causing me to break the lustful gaze I had on his abs. I removed my sweatshirt. Alvis raised an eyebrow, bit his bottom lip and seductively cupped the base of my breast. He stroked my nipple with his tongue, sending an intoxicating wave of ecstasy that rushed from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. I gasped when I felt him begin to unzip my jeans. I closed my eyes and allowed myself to be taken into his world with complete abandon

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