🗡I am a King among peasants and a wolf among sheep…🗡

📚 Tainted No More by Blacc Topp 📚

TITLE: Tainted No More
AUTHOR: Blacc Topp
PUBLISHER: BlaccStarr Media Group/ InkSlinger Publishing
RATING: ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️  Demented

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I am a King among peasants and a wolf among sheep……

With Jasmine locked away safely, Monica may be able to concentrate on the pursuit and capture of King Kochese. If there was one thing that the DEA and FBI had taught Agent Monica Deitrich , it was to check everyone and trust no one. Between Millicent and Noisy Boy they keep her busy and content, that is, until a new love interest threatens to tear down everything that she’s built.

A series of gruesome murders are happening simultaneously, spanning from the east coast to the Midwest and they have Jasmine and King’s signature style written all over them. Monica can feel it in her gut that King is behind the murders, but Jasmine is tucked away in a government asylum awaiting trial.

The body count is rising and all roads lead to King Kochese, but how can Monica track a ghost? How can she corner a ghost with unlimited resources and connections, capable of ruining not only her career, but her life with a snap of his cold-blooded and calloused fingers.


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Where do I begin, when the previous book left off, King Kochese and Jasmine were discovered to be the dreaded insane Monopoly Killers.  The most deadly duo, leaving a gruesome body count spread like the game.  I’ll never look at the game the same… Fast forward, King is on the run and Jasmine is locked away tight in an insane asylum.

Torn between her job and her only family left, Monica Deitrich still reaches out to her sister on a regular basis.  However, the person staring back at her is no longer the little innocent girl.  Jasmine, pregnant and cuffed to a hospital bed, hates her sister with a passion.  Her loyalty lies with King Kochese.

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If money is the root of all evil, then King Kochese is the banker.  Having billions in his reach as the heir to CrossTech Industries, King Kochese defies the odds again on the run.  Genius and insanity often go hand in hand and with Kochese’s sick mind, he devises a plan to not only reunite his family but to take revenge on the woman who first stole his heart then brought down his empire.

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A spree of murders, set to be grimmer than the Monopoly killings are taking place across the country, leaving the DEA and FBI scrambling to track the killer or killers.   As the bodies rack up, Monica Deitrich is once again forced to defend the job she loves and the blood ties she holds.  Having to deal with that and face the reality that her feelings for the King, leaves her mentally depleted and in the arms of those she may not be able to trust.

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The action and page turning plot of this book is not for the faint of heart.  I highly recommend this series, the author has constructed a plot of mayhem and murder that is surely a classic tale of horror.


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