Hot Undercover Bosses: 12 Sensual Romance Books

Clutch your pearls and get your one clicker ready… Hot Bosses is coming soon.

Dee Writes

Do you love sexy boss stories? What about those stories where there is sexual tension and a hot love affair? Only for one or both of the characters to discover they work together and are at odds. Oh, the passion mounts…come inside and see the great stories awaiting by some of romance’s top bestselling authors in the Hot Undercover Bosses boxset.

Here’s an excerpt from my contribution: Someone to Hold

SomeoneToHoldeBook300Jordan closed the wrought iron door to her unit behind them and walked across to the elevator bank. The top five floors shared three elevators. The entry area was the only part of the complex she didn’t like. “Please tell me you have something planned for this space?” She motioned around the brightly painted and lit, yet boring twenty by forty foot area. The only positive was the elegant wrought iron double doors to her unit she’d had installed.


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