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📚  What That Mouth Do?  📚

TITLE: What That Mouth DO?
PUBLISHER:  King Publishing Group
RATING: ☕️☕️☕️☕️ Crapulent Tryst

Purchase book:  http://amzn.to/1Ttc2v0

51iTnhGn85L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_A girl-cation in Miami is all they really wanted; some honest fun, enjoying the blue skies and sunshine on the beach. But what they found was so much more. They never considered the nightlife, with the high rollers, big ballers and sexy men with their good looking bodies.

So, was Miami really the right place for the three best friends to go on a girl-cation when they were dealing with so many personal issues?

Roxy was in the middle of a rocky relationship; Karen has a drinking problem; and Tay is a hoe, not just any kind of hoe, but a lay on her back, get on all fours, however, you want it kind of hoe if the price is right.

What That Mouth Do? Is an erotic roller coaster of a read!


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Before I tell you how I feel about this book, let’s first talk about the cover and title.  I posted the book on social media and immediately got inboxes, text, and emails about it.  The title is very suggestive and a phrase that men use when trying to pick up a woman.  I personally find it a bit offensive, for a stranger to ask me something like that and quite often delete them from my social media.  Shock value has pros and cons.  The same way it can attract certain readers, it also turns other potential readers away.  Books are judged by their covers while some may think this cover is good, maybe even great most will turn it away. When you are publishing your book and designing your covers, think about the main target audience.  Would they like to be seen reading your book in public?  Does it have mass market appeal?  My two cents: Be wise in your choice, it could mean more or fewer dollars in your bank!


Girl-cation: A vacation with our girls, whether from college, work or anywhere we’ve made a connection. No husbands, boyfriends, or children allowed. Our right to walk away for a few days and just be!

Tay, Roxy, and Karen all decided it was time for a girl-cation and Miami was the place to be!  Tay, the single and loving it chick spent her days partying and looking for the next cum-up.  Roxy is stuck in a three-year relationship warp with Marcus. She doubts it’s going anywhere.  After a blow up with her man sends her on girl-cation with teaching him a lesson in mind.  Karen is happily married to Keith, who’s not feeling the whole trip, especially with Tay.

These ladies must’ve forgotten that only what happens in VEGAS stays in VEGAS.  Miami is another world and what happens there could wind up front page news.

There’s much more that could be said about this book, but it would give away too much.  So I’ll wrap up this review by saying; if the author chose to retitle and recover this novella he could reach a higher audience.  This is a story that’s urban, yes but it’s also contemporary and dramatic.  While there are very sexual scenes it’s not an overly erotic book.  I can only recommend it to people who are willing to look past the current cover and see the world trapped between it.


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