New Release: Because My Heart Said So

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Can friends become lovers? In short, yeah, but at what cost?

Because My Heart Said So

This anthology answers the question and more by giving you four, very different, very unique stories with one universal outcome: Yes, your friend can become your man-or your woman…

Book One: Acceptable Losses by Nia Forrester

Quentin and Lena are both attorneys, working in DC (my hometown!). Quentin is a rising star at their firm, while Lena is slowly making her mark, under Q’s tutelage. Now you know when you work in close proximity with someone who is intelligent and fine, you are bound to catch feelings. Except there’s one catch. Or two: Q thinks Lena would be better off with his brother, and he’s not exactly in the position to pursue a relationship. And that’s all I’ma say about that…

Book Two: Blind Expectations by Jacinta Howard

This is a new adult story…

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