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🗿 Circumstances don’t make you what you are, they reveal who you are chosen to be! 👊

📚 First Kill Wonder 📚


TITLE: First Kill Wonder
AUTHOR:  R. Jerome Brooks
PUBLISHER: Prodigy Gold Books
RATING: ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ Dramatically Captivating 

Pre-order today for the release on 6/16/16 First Kill Wonder

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

518pkKy+ByL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Naim Butler, a rainmaker, has perfected the art of sentencing mitigation, as a partner with Manhattan power-firm, Baker and Keefe. He’s the kind of captivating and accomplished man that therapists vent too. His bachelorhood is turned upside down when an old flame, Sinia Love, drops a seventeen-year-old son into his lap forcing him to balance this revelation and his budding romance with Brandy Scott. Professionally, Naim’s assigned to prove a man’s innocence of murder is filthy work itself, but catastrophic when an envious lover of Sinia Love’s sets out to kill him while hiding amongst the glitterati of Manhattan’s upper crust.

First Kill Wonder is the author’s seventh novel, but the first under this pen name.



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Does the path you’re meant to travel stop when a bad decision is made?  Or are like the Phoenix, formed in the fire and destined for greatness, once consumed.  For Naim Butler, he was most definitely formed in the pits of fire.  From dire circumstances, Butler’s life choices were a product of his environment.  However, that wasn’t the end for him, one could call it; just a prelude.  After turning his life around, Butler became the first non-practicing partner at the law offices of Barker and Keefe, a prestigious law firm in Manhattan.  Life for Naim Butler was exceptional…

A fury of events including finding out about his now seventeen-year-old son, Marco and the chance meeting of Brandy Scott sets a change of pace for Butler.  And once again, just like a Phoenix he rises to the occasion and is determined to be the kind of father He wished was a part of his life.

Great books are formed by details they present.  It’s all in the details, and Brooks made sure not to leave them out.  Combining his love of a mystery with a hint romance, Brooks is definitely one to watch.   This introduction to Naim Butler is one I didn’t want to end right away.  The flow and pace were steady enough to keep the reading experience engaging while pulling you deeper into the world of Butler.  I am looking forward to seeing where this series will go.  Five Stars

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💔 Bruises fade but the pain lasts forever 🎭

📚 At Least I didn’t KILL Him by Kenni York 📚

TITLE: At Least I didn’t Kill Him
AUTHOR:  Kenni York 
RATING: ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️  Gripping 


Love shouldn’t hurt…especially not physically. Janelle Hampton is living the picture perfect life, but no one knows anything about the heartbreak and dysfunction that constitutes her marriage. Determined to no longer be a victim and have taken all she can take, she finds herself acting out of character and doing the unthinkable. This eye-opening, heart-wrenching short story depicts what it’s like when a woman has reached her breaking point. Affairs of the heart can often prove fatal and in the end love can become war.

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Janelle and Oliver Hampton seem to live the picture perfect life.  Married during their Junior year of college, the Hampton’s to most are the couple to be.  However is living the life on the outside, enough?  Janelle suspects her husband is a cheater, all the pieces are there she just needs to fit them together like a puzzle.  But does the overall picture show the truth or what she wants it to be?  Could Janelle and Oliver go on to live happily ever after?


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The signs are right there girl, Runnnn… not walk but Runnnnn….  Life for the Hamptons are not what they appear to be, and Janelle has grown tired.  But what does it take to push one woman over the edge?  When will enough be enough?  Janelle soon finds out that loving the wrong man, may be a carry a heavy weight to pay.

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Cuz when a woman’s fed up…It ain’t nothing you can do about it…It’s like running out of love (Insert R. Kelly here)  Staying a little too long, when the love is already gone causes deadly consequence’s.  At the end of her rope, Janelle thinks there’s no other way out of Oliver’s abuse.

This was a very quick read.  Crafting a short story that pulls you in from page one is a skill not many can acquire.  The story needs just enough details, just enough characters, and a strong plot to move it along easily.  This author accomplished all of that with this book.  This was my first read but definitely, won’t be my last.


💔 I’ll love you forever, even when I can’t 🎭

📚 Confess 📚


AUTHOR:  Colleen Hoover
PUBLISHER: Atria Books
RATING:  ☕️☕️☕️☕️  Emotional 


Winner of the 2015 Goodreads Choice Award for Best Romance

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover, a new novel about risking everything for love—and finding your heart somewhere between the truth and lies.

51oCQfBKSdL._SX320_BO1,204,203,200_At age twenty-one, Auburn Reed has already lost everything important to her. In her fight to rebuild her shattered life, she has her goals in sight and there is no room for mistakes. But when she walks into a Dallas art studio in search of a job, she doesn’t expect to find a deep attraction to the enigmatic artist who works there, Owen Gentry.

For once, Auburn takes a chance and puts her heart in control, only to discover that Owen is keeping a major secret from coming out. The magnitude of his past threatens to destroy everything important to Auburn, and the only way to get her life back on track is to cut Owen out of it.

To save their relationship, all Owen needs to do is confess. But in this case, the confession could be much more destructive than the actual sin.




Confess starts out with 15-year-old Auburn and her first love, Adam. I’m not going to dwell on this as it’s a very heart wrenching introduction.  The first ten pages are what pull you into the story.

Confess revolves around the main character, Auburn Reed. Auburn has recently moved to Dallas, Texas from Portland, Oregon. Auburn hate’s being in Dallas the place doesn’t really appeal to her at all; she lives with a quirky roommate and works as a hair stylist at her roommate’s salon. While walking home from work one day and thinking about how she needs to find a second job, she walks past Confess, a local art studio.

Walking home from work one evening, she notices that there is a help wanted sign on the window and ends up working the art show that night, hosted by the artist and owner Owen Mason Gentry. They’re connected in the middle.

They are both immediately attracted to each other, but Auburn is very cautious about getting involved with anyone. Regardless of her best efforts, they become entangled in each other’s lives. They both have secrets from their past and present that threaten to keep them apart and destroy everything they desire.

This story alternates back and forth between Auburn and Owen’s point of view. With Owen my heart hurt.  It’s one thing to carry guilt around for yourself but when you’re also carrying your parent’s issues it’s even more heartbreaking.  Owen endured more than his fair share.  When I read the last chapter, I did like that the author finally answered all of my questions about the characters and tied the whole story together.  However, it was too neat and tidy and felt a bit rushed in regards to answering for everything that has taken place.  This was my first read from this author but it won’t be the last. love couples romantic distance long distance relationship

📚 What we’re reading this week 📚

☕️ Murder in the Aisles by Olivia Hill ☕️


Murderous intent is no match for killer intellect accessorized with stiletto heels.

A Felicia Swift Mystery, Book 1

If there’s one thing Felicia Swift likes more than sex, it’s books. But her dream job at the Library of Congress takes a macabre turn when she finds a linguistics specialist lying dead between his least favorite subjects: Anthropology and Astrophysics.

Worse, the utterly sexy detective seems to have his eyes on Felicia’s curves more than the evidence, which she is convinced points at the wrong man. And she plans to convince him of just that—right after he buys her an apple martini.

Mark Rizzo plans to wrap up this investigation as quickly as possible. Until he realizes the witness isn’t some dumpy, wizened librarian, but a researcher with endless legs, bottomless intellect, and a bulldog determination to complicate this open-and-shut case all to hell.

As Felicia and Rizzo dig closer to the truth, the real culprit gets jittery enough to try something desperate. Leaving Felicia to wonder if their investigation will lead them down the aisle of no return.

Warning: Contains a jaded detective with more scuffs, scrapes, and scars than a well-loved pair of Timberlands. Plus a more fashion-forward (and probably better smelling) sleuth than Sherlock Holmes who’s as picky about her lovers as she is about her shoes—and make no mistake, she’s had plenty of both.

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Get your copy on kindle: Murder in the Aisles

☕️ War Room: Prayer is a Powerful Weapon by Chris Farby ☕️

51RtHUvdRxL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Juggling motherhood and her job as a real-estate agent, Elizabeth Jordan wishes her husband could help more around the house. But Tony’s rising career as a pharmaceutical salesman demands more and more of his time. With a nice home in the suburbs and a lovely young daughter, they appear to have it all—yet they can’t seem to spend time together without fighting.

Hoping for a new listing, Elizabeth visits the home of Clara Williams, an elderly widow, and is both amused and uncomfortable when Clara starts asking pointed questions about her marriage and faith. But it’s Clara’s secret prayer room, with its walls covered in requests and answers, that has Elizabeth most intrigued . . . even if she’s not ready to take Clara’s suggestion that she create a prayer room of her own. As tensions at home escalate, though, Elizabeth begins to realize that her family is worth fighting for, and she can’t win this battle on her own. Stepping out in blind faith, putting her prayers for her family and their future in God’s hands, might be her only chance at regaining the life she was meant for.





Grab your copy on kindle or paperback: War Room

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Happy New Year!

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☕️ Hot New Release ☕️ When Love Ain’t Enough: Rozalla and Vince by Stacey Covington-Lee ☕️

☕️ When Love Ain’t Enough: Rozalla and Vince by Stacey Covington-Lee ☕️


Vince Harper is the ideal husband; he showers his wife, Rozalla with love, commitment, and protection, qualities every woman wants from her man.

Heather Ramos is Rozalla’s deceitful, conniving friend. She worms her way into Rozalla’s life with less than honorable intentions. Heather quickly convinces Rozalla that Vince is not only a poor provider; she coerces Rozalla into believing he’s no longer manly enough to fulfill her desires. Heather’s overpowering influence causes Rozalla to belittle and berate Vince, telling him she’s no longer satisfied with the life that they’ve built. Rejecting his valiant efforts to please her, she yells a heartbreaking response. Rozalla awakens the next morning to find that her caustic wish has indeed come true, and she is face-to-face with the opportunity to live the life she thought she wanted.

Harrison Payne is sexy, tempting, and seems to possess all the qualities Rozalla has been longing for. His passion, persistence, and generosity make him the perfect man to fill the newly opened position in her heart. Maybe even a little too perfect. In this dramatic and sexy novel, you’ll instantly become engrossed in a tale of greed, love, and lust. They say be careful what you ask for. Find out what happens when Rozalla determines that the grass really isn’t greener on the other side.



The fallout from Heather’s little outburst was far worse than Rozalla could’ve ever imagined. The room fell so quiet that you could hear a mouse piss on a carpet. Unfortunately, it didn’t last very long. Lisa jumped to her feet like she was ready to do battle.

“Ms. Amanda, did you know about this date?”

“Take a seat Lisa and we’ll all talk it out,” Amanda pled.

“No ma’am, I won’t be sitting. I just want to know if you knew about this date and if you encouraged it?”

“I found out about the date earlier yesterday. Once it was brought to light and I was unable to get your mother to reconsider, I came over and helped her prepare for it.”

“Lisa, sit down,” Carmen encouraged as she tugged at her baby sister’s arm.

Snatching her arm from Carmen’s grip, Lisa began to spit venom at the two remaining women. “So, let me see if I’ve got this right. You talked my poor, grieving mother into going out on a date with some stranger and she was ignorant, or desperate enough to do it. Which is it, Mama, were you stupid, desperate, or do you just not give a damn about Daddy and the fact that he just died? I mean, damn, do you really think that six months is a respectable amount of time to mourn the man that dedicated his life to you? Or are you so much of a slut that you can’t wait to get back out there and get laid? Is that funky, old twat of yours that hungry for attention?”

“What the hell is wrong with you, Lisa? How dare you talk to Mama like that, you disrespectful little brat,” Carmen hissed.

“Little girl, you have no idea what I’ve been through, what I’m still going through. And for you to talk to me, your mother, like that… Get out!” Rozalla pushed herself up from her seat. “Get out of my house, Lisa, now!” Rozalla pushed her daughter’s shoulders with more force than she realized she had. “Get out now, you hear me? Get out!”

Despite Lisa’s objections and rants about the house belonging to her father, Rozalla continued to yell and physically push her out backwards until Lisa’s back was against the front door.

“You think your daddy was the only one that dedicated himself to this marriage, to this family? What do you think I was doing all those years? Who cooked and cleaned behind you kids and your father? Who listened to him at night as he talked about all the stresses of his day? Who comforted him when his parents died? Who solely supported this family financially after the accident that rendered him disabled for nine months? Who stayed up late nights helping with homework and tending to the sick? It was me, Lisa, me! And don’t forget that it’s been my paycheck paying your tuition. Now it’s my turn to live, without having the responsibility of all y’all on my damn back. And until you are ready to apologize, realize I’m a grown ass woman, and treat me with the respect that I deserve, don’t come back to my house.”

“Screw you and your house,” Lisa spat as she stormed out the door. Rozalla turned around to see three stunned faces staring back at her.

“I love you so much, Mama, but I never realized that your loving and supporting us was such an uncomfortable weight on your back. I promise that I will not impose my weight upon you any longer,” Carmen sniffed as she picked up her bags and left.

“Wait a minute, Carmen, I didn’t mean it like that. Please don’t leave, I didn’t mean it like that,” Rozalla begged, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. Carmen pulled off without looking back.

Rozalla closed the door and slid down to the floor. Her hands covered her eyes as she sobbed like a baby. She wondered what she’d done so wrong that would make Lisa treat her with such disrespect. Furthermore, how could she in turn make her kids feel as if they’d been an unwanted responsibility? She was hurt and angry at the entire situation, but still felt deep down that this was her time to live. Was that really so wrong?

“Come on, Roz, get up and let’s go back into the kitchen. I’ll fix some coffee and we can talk it all out,” Amanda said as she helped her best friend to her feet.

As Rozalla sat at the table trying to collect herself, she thought of all that had just transpired and wondered how it all could’ve been avoided.

“Amanda, why did you have to say that you tried to convince me not to go through with the date? Why couldn’t you just defend me and my choice to go out?”

“That’s what I was wondering,” added Heather.

Amanda looked at Heather as if she wanted to knock her out of her chair. Pointing at her, Amanda commented, “You don’t want to start with me.” She then turned her attention to Rozalla. “Don’t you think the bigger question is why did this chick announce your date to everyone in the first place?”

“How was she supposed to know that Lisa would over-react?”

“Isn’t she supposed to be your friend? I assumed that y’all would have talked about how your daughters might feel about the whole dating thing. And then there’s the common sense factor. Wouldn’t common sense tell her to clear that conversation with you first?”

“Wait a damn minute,” Heather interjected. “I know you’re not calling me stupid.”

“I didn’t, but if the shoe fits, feel free to put it on your big foot.’

“You better watch your mouth before this big foot finds its way up your tight ass.”


Stacey Covington-Lee is the author of multiple Contemporary Fiction novels. She is passionate about and continues to raise social consciousness about sickle cell disease and domestic violence through her writing and speaking engagements. Stacey is a native of Atlanta, Georgia where she continues to live with her husband and son. Visit for more information and blog posts.

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