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🔬 The cells that have lived longer than the woman! Say her name, Henrietta Lacks. 🏥

📚 The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks 📚

TITLE: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
AUTHOR: Rebecca Skoot
PUBLISHER: Broadway Books
RATING: ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ Captivating, Fascinating and Completely Engrossing



Her name was Henrietta Lacks, but scientists know her as HeLa. She was a poor black tobacco farmer whose cells—taken without her knowledge in 1951—became one of the most important tools in medicine, vital for developing the polio vaccine, cloning, gene mapping, and more. Henrietta’s cells have been bought and sold by the billions, yet she remains virtually unknown, and her family can’t afford health insurance. This phenomenal New York Times bestseller tells a riveting story of the collision between ethics, race, and medicine; of scientific discovery and faith healing; and of a daughter consumed with questions about the mother she never knew.

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First let me start by saying, I’ve seen this book many times, and not being one for biographies and memoirs too much, I passed it by.  That is until I started seeing it again.  I read the synopsis and was intrigued so much I went and purchased a copy on Amazon.  Nothing prepared me for what was between the pages of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.

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A black woman in the 1950’s goes to John Hopkins hospital, which at that time was only hospital in the area to service coloreds.  Feeling a knot in her stomach Henrietta Lacks didn’t know what to expect, she just knew she wanted to have more children.  The series of events that take place after that first visit to John’s Hopkin’s changed not only the life of Henrietta Lacks, the Lacks children and family but also it changed the world.

In 1988, in a biology class, Rebecca Skoot first learns the name, Henrietta Lacks.  That name would be the catalyst to change the life of Rebecca Skoot and forever bind her to the lives of the descendants of the woman scientist only call HeLa.

For more than a decade, the author along with the daughter of Henrietta Lacks, Deborah set off on a journey to learn the truth.  The truth in this instance is what really happened to Henrietta Lacks and how her cells came to live forever.

Although this book is scientific in nature the average layman can read it and come to an understanding of the circumstances, life and socioeconomic culture of the time.  This author has done an amazing job of bringing to light the events that occurred to render HeLa cells a multimillion dollar industry.


There are so many things to discuss concerning this book.  This book should be a must-read for all.

What will you sacrifice for love?

She Opened Her Eyes: A Cautionary Tale by Paschanita Nicole




Opening her eyes, Amelia slowly stretched, allowing a yawn to slip past her lips. She smiled at the sun as it warmed the skin she had grown to despise. For a brief moment she forgot where she was until the body next to hers shuffled snatching the covers away from her thinning frame, followed by loud obnoxious snoring. She was quickly reminded she wasn’t alone. Giving her eyes enough time to adjust to the dimly lit room she found the strength to get out of bed and go to the bathroom. Cutting on the light, she stared into cold, life drained eyes. The small thought of what did I become came as quickly as it left. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the only thing in this world that seemed to bring her peace, As small, As round, As white as one pill could be it was in her mind her saving grace.

This story follows Amelia as she allows her life to plummet into a downward spiral, chasing after the wrong things in life. Amelia didn’t have much love for herself; she sought it within others. After meeting Mason, Amelia becomes someone even she doesn’t recognize. The story touches on several issues in many young girls today, who believe that the appearance is all they need. I enjoyed this novella, what a way to start your writing career. However the abrupt ending was not pleasing. I’d enjoy reading more of this author as she discovers her own voice and pacing. 4 Stars

On #Kindle Pink Shades of Seduction by Hazel Mills

Tamika Newhouse's Passionate Spot

Shadesofpink (1)Whether newly discovered or rekindled, there is no feeling in the world like pure passion coursing through our veins. It erupts at our core and allows us to be free and uninhibited. Shades of Pink Seduction explores passions that are buried deep in the subconscious and allow you to completely surrender to love and lust on your terms. Hazel Mills delivers uncharted stories that give erotica an entirely new meaning. What lies between the pages is seduction at your fingertips.

Also by Hazel Mills, Mr. Wrong After All.


“Damon, I’m about to write you a check for a great deal of money. I need to know all there is to know about the potential recipient.”

“Oh, I see,” he replied, leaning back in his black leather chair. “Well, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?”

“Not at all. I’m an open book,” I answered. I…

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New Review

Saul Rathbone’s Woman: The Reeducation of Aria Jackson 



Aria had been wearing Saul’s ring on her right hand for three months. They decided they were in the pre-engagement stage since they were dating less than a year but things were hot and heavy. Aria was still petrified by her feelings and the way Saul made her think and held her accountable. It was so easy to slip back into working and doing instead of loving and being. She was definitely a work in progress as Saul Rathbone’s Woman.

Saul felt overwhelmed with feelings for Aria. His attraction to her started long before she was old enough for him to do anything about it but over the years when he saw her, her head and nose had been in the air and he left her to it and continued doing his thing. However, her moving back home and working changed the game. Seeing and interacting with her revealed all his feelings and hers. She was now his woman but the challenges had not let up. He wanted and needed her to be more than his woman, he needed her partnering, full force with the things that made him tick and he wanted that same kind of connection to what she did.


Growth is an ever blossoming cycle. It takes patience and dedication to be with someone whom is inside the growth process. Saul Rathbone, see’s the potential growth of his lover girl/woman; Aria. Letting Aria progress on her own is the best thing for everyone. But surprise, surprise a blast jolts Aria head first into her growth. Being the man he is, Saul stands firmly beside his woman, but lets her know HE’s the man. Aria’s relationship with other women in his past and even her mother take on twisted directions as Aria comes into her own. This was a very good read, aside from a couple minor errors, I highly recommend this series. Light and refreshing. 4.5 Stars

Saul Rathbone’s Woman

The Reeducation of Aria Jackson


Aria Jackson left Greenfield in search of an MBA from Wharton and her dignity. She felt escaping the hood and her uneducated but loving mother would validate her. However, a job as the youngest Vice President at a local bank brings her home and she has to realize her hometown, her mom and nothing else was what she thought and that one can never escape who they are or where they are from and what part will local philanthropist and entrepreneur, Saul Rathbone add to her mix?

The Reeducation of Aria Jackson covers timely and sensitive issues that plague the prodigal daughters of America’s inner cities.


Aria Jackson returns home educated and bougie. Coming from a less than stellar environment, the educated Aria feels too good for the area and the people, with the exception of her mother. Instead of moving back into the old neighborhood, she takes a condo in a more chic part of town. Her job as VP takes priority over her life as she tries to set a standard of higher living for herself. Little does she know that the people she seemingly looks down on are more prosperous than she. Her mother, Helen gives her, the first lesson. The delectable Saul Rathborne gives her the second. Saul the brother of her childhood friend sees the woman she’s becoming and fights his temptation as best he could. When they both realize that they are fighting a losing battle, the journey begins. Aria gets the lesson of a lifetime.

This novella like many others by the author was wonderfully written. Empowered people of color making changes and impacting the lives of those around them. This is definitely a lesson many educated hoods, should learn.

The Reeducation of Aria Jackson

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