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SKY: Me Against The World



image1We got a glimpse of Sky in “I Hate That I Love You” but now we get to hear her full story. Lauren was dealt a bad hand from birth but when she runs away and finds the life she always wanted things to start to change. Her life changes over night when Sky’s born. Sky had the things Lauren would stay up at night crying and dream about. A family that loved her, anything she wanted at her finger tips but most of all Sky had a safe home. Lauren never felt safe at night until she met Mrs. Carter and Jalen but one day that was all taken from her and her life as she knew it would never be the same. Sixteen, with a heart full of pain and revenge on her brain Sky’s forced out in this cold world trying to find her way. Will she find her way in this mean world or will she get swallowed alive?


He couldn’t believe this nigga Jalen had pulled up right in front of him. He had his windows tinted, but his license place told it all. The driver sat there with a smile on his face as he read the license plate “KYNG” out loud. He had been looking everywhere for this nigga and he had fallen right into his lap. This nigga had killed his brother and he was going to pay. He was on his way in the club and decided to hit his blunt a few times, but when he noticed Jalen, he decided to wait on him. They sat there for a few minutes before Jalen finally got out the car, heading toward the door. He walked up to the bouncer, gave him some dap and walked right in while the spectator sat in the car, trying to figure out his next move.

Jalen, Bash, and Rick were sitting in the VIP section of the club, taking a few shots of Cîroc. The club was doing numbers and Jalen didn’t want to lose control, so he took it easy on the drinking. He sat back, taking in the scenery. Bash and Rick were having a good time and Jalen couldn’t help but smile at them. He was searching the crowd when this chick caught his eye. He was thinking about going over there and introducing himself, but he already had enough going on. Jalen had a love for ladies and couldn’t resist a beautiful woman. He’s been with all kinds of women and even though he was a playboy, he treated them all with respect. He just couldn’t help the fact that he loved women. He got up and put on his jacket, “I’m about to get out of here,” he said, grabbing his phone.

“What’s wrong?” Bash asked.

“Nothing, I’m just not feeling this tonight. I got a lot going on and I need to be by myself.” Jalen was ready to go, he couldn’t stop thinking about his mom having cancer and started to fill guilty for not being there for her.

“Alright playboy, you know I’m always here if you need me.”

“No doubt,” he said, giving him some dap. He took one last sip out of his glass and headed toward the door.

Meanwhile, the spectator had decided to stay in the car and wait on Jalen to come out. He didn’t want to take a chance on losing him again; he had waited eight years for this moment. He had practically moved to Boston trying to find Jalen and it was as if he lived somewhere else or never came outside, so he wasn’t expecting to see him tonight. He had been waiting for an hour when he saw him walking up to his car. He looked at the time and it was only 1: 15, Jalen was leaving early. He got out the car and stood in the shadows. He had gone home and changed into all black so people wouldn’t notice him. He stood at the back of Jalen’s car and as he went to open the door, he was greeted by a round of bullets piercing his body. Jalen went down as the spectator grabbed his watch for a souvenir, jumped in his car and faded into traffic as if nothing happened. He went to where he was staying, grabbed a few things and headed back home to Texas.

People were standing outside when they heard the gunshots and ran over towards Jalen car, but it was too late. Jalen had already been shot and the killer was long gone. One of the bystanders called the police, while someone else noticed it was Jalen and ran in the party to tell Rick and Bash. “Bash, Bash!” she screamed, running up to his table.

“What’s going on, baby girl? Slow down,” he said, looking at her funny.

“Somebody shot Jalen.”

“What!” he said, standing up. “Where he at?”

“In the parking lot, he was about…” she started to say, but they were already passed her and almost at the door. There was a crowd of people around him, taking pictures and recording the scene. “Get out of here!” Bash yelled, walking up. “If I see this shit on anybody’s page, I’m going to hunt you down myself and trust me, you don’t want that,” Bash yelled at the crowd. He walking over to his friend of over a decade, lying on the ground, helpless. Rick bent down to say something to Jalen when he heard the sirens getting closer. “Hang in there my boy and I’ll see you soon,” he said and the two of them disappeared into the night. They sat in the car, smoking a blunt until they saw the ambulance pull away with Jalen’s body.


image2Keyanna Ford is an author, blogger, and advocate for ending domestic violence. Known for her numerous works of romantic urban fiction, including the highly-acclaimed novel Living In Fear, Keyanna has built her writing career from exploring and documenting her own life experiences, and she enjoys engaging in conversation with others who have walked similar paths. Her latest sequel, I Hate That I Love You solidifies her passion to contribute to the literary world.

Her inspiration to become a writer began when she was still in school, in her hometown of Kalamazoo, MI. After experiencing the horror of a relationship-gone-wrong, Keyanna dealt with the pain through writing. Without a safety network to turn to for help, and at a loss as to how else to constructively deal with the pain she was feeling, Keyanna began adding fictional elements and characters to her work in order to distance herself from the reality of what had happened to her. Eventually, she had a novel worth of text and from there, her career was born.

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