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Learning to Love again…

Love’s Culture 3: Love, Family, Culture by Angelia V Menchan

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Multicultural and Interracial Romantic Fiction.

  Sadia felt heavy in a most pleasant way. She and Mahad had been married three months and most mornings she woke to him making love to her and that day was no exception. Turning, on her side she saw Mahad staring at her with love filled eyes.
“Hey, what are you looking at?” She murmured.
“My wife and the mother of my baby… you are pregnant.” He said as he placed his hand on her naked belly.
His words permeated her and she realized she had to be. She had only had one period since the marriage and that was over two months ago. Laughter filled her belly and bubbled forth from her throat. The sound of her joyful laughter made him grin.
“I guess you are happy?”
“Are you kidding? I am thrilled, married to you and probably pregnant with our baby, how could I not be.”
Pushing her down, he covered her mouth with his, kissing her with fervent passion. She returned his passion, kiss for kiss, feeling the heaviness inside her grow and blossom into red hot pleasure.
Abia sat on the plane choked with fear. She bought a ticket and was now on her way to America. Azir had become even more impossible since her and Mahad’s father died and Mahad left him in charge of the family holdings. What he had not realized is Mahad had given her an account of her own. A few days earlier, he discovered it and demanded she turn it over to him or leave. She prayed long and hard and decided to leave. Leaving her children was the most painful decision she ever made but she prayed Mahad would be able to assist with that. She wanted more and better.
Dona enjoyed her new role as chanteuse at the nightclub and she also enjoyed Harry, her lover and benefactor but there was a yearning inside her for what she saw all around her, a lover who loved her and who she loved. But she knew she wouldn’t be able to keep what Harry offered if she didn’t keep Harry.


The Book Cup, Sadia’s bookstore is doing really well.  She’s added musical features to showcase local talent.  In this installment, Dona is the focus.  After some failings and some triumphs, Dona  is transforming into the woman she hopes to be.  The cultural differences of the main and secondary characters still hold true.  It gives a slight insight into what it could be like dating someone of another culture.  The only exception is Maggie Mae and Reggie’s relationship.  Maggie Mae is finally able to stand on her own, but will she remain with the man whose stood beside her when she had nothing.  Their relationship goes through the test in this series.  And although we know Love can trump Culture, we are left wondering can Love trump Money?  

5 Stars

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Continuing to Conquer

Love Trumps Culture: Love’s Culture 2 by Angelia V. Menchan 



Mahad Basari wanted nothing more than to marry Sadia Lemore. They had been dating for several months and they had been intense months. He didn’t feel it was possible for him to love her any more. The fact that his father did not approve and refused to speak to him until he broke up with her was of no consequence; he wanted, needed and would have Sadia as his wife. Also the new interlopers on the scene have their agendas but they are powerless in the face of his love.

Sadia had never loved anyone more than she did Mahad and he treated her the way she had always dreamed of being treated but the lack of acceptance of her by his father was still a concern. She was very close to her mother and father and could not imagine not having them as part of her life or having their blessings, but giving Mahad up was not an option.
Her prayer was that LOVE really could Trump Culture!


The question still floats on air….”Can Love truly Trump Culture?”  If you’re Mahad Basari and Sadia Lemore, it most certainly can.  In this installment, we see a different side to Sadia’s mother, Lynn.  At first she comes off as a bit jealous and non supportive of her daughter.  But at a deeper look, she’s quite protective of her and will speak her mind on the obstacles that threaten her daughter’s happiness.  The new characters introduced in this installment add another bit of flavor.  What truly makes love triumph is Sadia’s dedication to the relationship.  When Mahad’s father appears out of the blue, Sadia not only impresses him but her actions pulls at Mahad’s heartstrings.  Giving 100% to the relationship is what makes Love Trump Culture.

4 Stars

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Loving through the color lines…




Could you forsake all others for love?  Mahad and Sadia will be put to the ultimate test in this novella.  Love’s Culture is the first book in the series of interracial romance.

Mahad, a Saudi from Dubai and Muslim, leaves his homeland after falling in love with American culture and women.  He comes back to America to pursue his passion and start his own architect firm.   Sadia, defies the standard as an African American woman, small business owner and PR consultant.  Sadia is passionate about books and her passion lead to her business as a bookstore owner.  While hosting a signing for a local poet’s work, Sadia and Mahad’s world collide.  Attending the same signing for his friend Cyrus, Mahad is immediately struck by Sadia’s beauty.  Mahad is a man’s man…He knows what he wants and exactly how to articulate so eloquently, he leaves you longing to be Sadia.

Yet Love’s culture is more than a love story, its drama packed.  Sadia’s long time (sister) friend  Jerica is more than she appears to be.  She’s sneaky and messy all balled into one.  Well with friends like Jerica, who’ll need an enemy.  Trust is every thing in friendship.

Then the woes of interracial relationships breaks through the epidermis.  Mahad’s father is a devout Muslim.  He is dead set against Mahad, marrying or dating anyone outside of the faith or race.   Lynn, Sadia’s mother is a conservative christian woman.  Although she wants what’s best for Sadia, she wishes she would settle down with a good man of faith.

The characters of Love’s Culture were well thought out, defined and will make you fall in love.

5 Stars for this IR read.


Walking in, Mahad was taken aback by the crowd and many turned to glance at him. He was a tall handsome man with dark Arabic skin, short curly hair and a soft low-cut beard. Dressed in jeans and a white shirt it was also clear he was in great shape. His eyes zoomed in on Sadia who was working with the crowd, getting them in and out of line as smoothly as possible. His eyes roamed over her thinking, “Her photo and video did her no justice. She is stunning.”

Feeling someone looking at her, she turned to look directly into Mahad’s face and felt something jolt through her.
Damn, that is one gorgeous man. She thought before turning back to her customers. Mahad walked around, browsing her shelves, filling his arms with books he wanted to read. He loved reading books on architecture; he also loved history and biographies. He became lost in the wonderful collection

“Would you like a bag?” A throaty voice asked behind him. Turning, he saw Sadia standing close to him, offering him a huge cloth bag with the store’s logo of a huge book and a cup.

“I suppose, I need one. Your place is wonderful. Cyrus is my friend.” His eyes pierced hers and she was unable to look away.

“Great, great. I don’t see his book among those.” He grinned at her words. His smile and lips made her heart flutter.

“Right, I will get that once the line goes down, I am not done shopping.”

“Then don’t let me be a distraction to you…”

“It is too late, you have already distracted me. My name is Mahad Basari. I am originally from Saudi Arabia but this is now my home.”

Taking her hand, he held it and she felt sweat gather at the nape of her neck and trickle down. Slowly removing her hand, she smiled at him.

“I am Sadia Lemont.” She hurried away feeling his eyes on her.

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Cookies gone Wild!

It AIN’T Love I Want by Angelia V. Menchan 



“I am not looking for love!” Zaria said with force.

Ella Fukui’s head snapped at her daughter’s words. Zaria was twenty-eight, successful and stubborn. She only seemed to want to work and chase men… not even men but sex.
“Then what are you looking for Zaria?”
Ella looked at her beautiful daughter and knew she could have whatever she wanted. She was the perfect combination of Ella’s African American dark beauty and her father’s Japanese ancestry. Her shoulder length hair was the color of midnight and flowed in thick waves. Her skin was pore free and the color of tea and the strong, toned body made men stop in their tracks, it always had and Zaria embraced that. The thing was, she was also brilliant, she worked as a manager of technical engineers and owned her own home and would jet off whenever she was moved to.
“Mom, that is the thing, I am not looking for anything. I am living. Right now I love my work and it seems to bring you pain but I love sex without attachment. If I ever decide I want more, I will go for it.”
Ella felt her words and knew there was nothing she could do about any of it. Zaria had always done what she wanted.
Zaria embraced her sexual desire at eighteen. She lived inside her fantasies and knew she wanted to be free to be sexual, so before ever having sex, she went to the doctor on her own and got birth control and condoms. She had always been precocious and sure of herself and one thing she was completely sure of is she wanted sex, lots of it and was going to have it. She was sorry Ella felt as she did but she was full grown and in charge of her own life and libido.



What happens when a sexually charged woman accepts her desire?  And one who represses her desire? Zaria is young, focused and motivated.  She knows what she wants and goes after it…no holds barred.  When love isn’t one the menu, things can take off quick and fast; and that’s just what happens in this novella.  It’s a fast paced, sexually driven read.  The main character Zaria, unpacked her va jay jay and took us on a wild ride with her cookie.  But when you unleash the cookie on some, there are repercussions.  Ella, Zaria’s mother fears that she may become what she was; that fear has held her captive.  There are a host of characters inside this book waiting to unleash their stories.  I always enjoy this author’s work, she gives you a glimpse into her world with a neo-soul flare and a lesson.  4 Stars 



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