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💎 What would you sacrifice in the pursuit of power? ⚪

📚 Diamonds and Pearl by K’wan 📚

TITLE: Diamonds and Pearl
PUBLISHER: St. Martin’s Griffin 
RATING: ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ 

BUY THE BOOK: http://amzn.to/2edHqlB


28220813From # 1 Essence best-selling Crime Novelist K’Wan comes a tale of forbidden love, high stakes murder and the robbery gone bad that set it all in motion, Diamonds and Pearl.

They say that good girls like bad boys, and this was especially true for Pearl Stone. A child born of privilege to a drug baron and reputed killer known in the streets as Big Stone. Although the flashy, fast-paced nature of the streets calls to Pearl, she’s been brought up to look but not touch. But when a young hustler named Diamonds crawls up from the swamps of Louisiana and sets up shop in New York City, everything Pearl was taught flies out the window.

Raised in the wild and schooled on the mean streets of New Orleans, Diamonds is no stranger to hard times and is willing to do whatever it takes to stay above the poverty line, including kill. When a robbery turned mass murder goes wrong, Diamonds is forced to flee New Orleans and lands in New York where he meets Pearl, and for the first time finds something he craves more than wealth and power…love.
As the stakes get higher, Diamonds has to push away his past if he’s to grab hold of his future—but by doing so, will he show Pearl that all that glitters isn’t gold?


Note: This review is mainly for the audio book version.  Grammer and editorial issues don’t apply.

Beginning in the backwoods of Louisana, Diamonds and his crew set the stage for this page-turning thrill ride.  Growing up with nothing, Diamonds vows that he and his crew would never feel that pain again.  Concocting a plan for a come-up, Diamonds plan the heist that sets them off.  A couple of things happen that changes the course of the all their futures.

When everything you could ever desire is handed to you what else is left to concur? For Pearl Stone, the Streets is all the challenge she ever has to face.  The daughter of a supreme drug baron, Pearl makes decisions less based on common sense and more on the thrill.

I listened to this audiobook, narrated by Carey Hite. He is quickly becoming one of my favorite narrators. With clear distinctions between characters, Hite does an excellent job putting a voice to a novel.  Some of the characters, I’m looking forward to hearing again.


📚 The clear expression of mixed feelings 📚

🎭 Harlem Nights and Footstep Blues 🎭

TITLE: Harlem Nights and Footstep Blues
AUTHOR:  Julius Jamaal McLean
PUBLISHER: Julius McLean Books
RATING: ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ 🔥Symbolic versification 
BUY THE BOOK: http://amzn.to/29vBcKb

513d3zH0JhL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_Harlem Nights and Footstep Blues is a poetry collection consisting of 65 poems. The poems are separated into 11 distinct sections that tell their own story while still fitting into the overall story of the collection. Although not limited to African American influences and content, the collection is very much inspired by the work of African American poets and writers like Langston Hughes, Paul Laurence Dunbar, James Baldwin, W.E.B. Du Bois, and Frederick Douglass and from the black cultural, social, and artistic revival that took place during the period known as the Harlem Renaissance.

Harlem Nights and Footstep Blues is about encapsulating the Harlem Renaissance state of mind and encouraging young black minds to express themselves and “catch a glimmer of their own beauty” as Langston Hughes urged his young black contemporaries to do in his essay “The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain” (1926), albeit with modern flair. The creative license that black artists had to express themselves and their art during the Harlem Renaissance is the blueprint for the poetry and artistic expression in the collection. Harlem Nights and Footstep Blues is rooted in a modern sense of black cultural, social, and artistic rebirth while paying homage to the artistic foundation laid by the great pioneers of the past.

black lives matter freddie gray


It’s not often I’m sent a book that pulls me in right away.  Usually, there is a waiting period on reviews, especially now with all the things I have going on.  But I received this book for review on Monday, I flipped through it and put it on the shelf with the others.  And every time I passed that shelf it called out to me.  I’d read a page and put it back I did this half the day and night.  Until this afternoon, I just seized it and dove straight in.

More often than not, poetry has to be felt by the reader.  It has to touch something within them for them grasp the poet’s intention.  Harlem Nights and Footstep Blues is that kinda book.

There are several pieces that I enjoyed and below are three that stuck with me.

Harlem Nightstumblr_o7tb89xkAw1r7m8y2o1_1280

Caged Lion 



Sound of a dead body

If a body falls in the ghetto,

Does it make a sound?

Did America hear the rounds

When they gunned him down?

While the average person peacefully sleeps,

His ghetto kinfolk mourn and weep.

His giant heart no longer beats.

The Jumpman grounded on his feet.

The murder rate he couldn’t beat.

He died before he reached his peak,

Thinking that he let his family down.

This young man who was college bound

Is now deprived of the chance

To make them proud.

The rest of the country had him on mute

And didn’t hear the killer shoot.

His story won’t make the national news,

Another victim of the boys in blue,

This tragic story is sad but true.

Imagine the pain if it were you.

thegrammys kendrick lamar africa compton grammys 2016


A native of South Florida, Julius Jamaal McLean is an African American writer, poet, and creator striving to encourage, influence, and represent the voice of young artists. Inspired by the work and creativity of African American writers like Langston Hughes and James Baldwin, his debut poetry book Harlem Nights and Footstep Blues evolved organically from a desire to create something relatable, impactful, and relevant to modern social issues and culture. Julius’ poetry is a way for him to speak from the perspective of those from his demographic who are not given the opportunity to speak for themselves often. His desire is for the sound of his own voice to ignite the passion within those of his generation and motivate them to express themselves in the same manner.

Connect with Julius Jamaal McLean

Twitter: @juliusjmclean

IG and SC: @universaleuomo

Facebook: Julius Jamaal McLean

Email: juliusjamaalmclean@gmail.com;

Tumblr: http://universaleuomo.tumblr.com/

🏝 Tun up di ting, Wi hab di ting lack 📚

 ❤️‍💋‍ In Love with a Rude boy Smoking smiley animated emoticon

TITLE: In Love with a Rude boy: A top shotta’s Love story
AUTHOR:  Nika Michelle and Racquel Williams 
PUBLISHER: Racquel Williams presents
RATING: ☕️☕️ 1/2  Average


When Yankee gyal Kadijah visits the beautiful island of Jamaica with her friends Nicole and Tamia, she does not expect the events that follow. After a nasty break up with her two timing ex Daryn and her graduation from culinary arts school, all she wants to do is unwind and maybe have a one night stand. However, when she meets sexy rude boy turned DeeJay, Omari, the drama quickly unfolds instead.
Once Omari locks eyes with Kadijah his life will never be the same as he knows it. He is feeling the feisty American beauty, but his wife, the beautiful but fiery Angela, is having no parts of it. She will stop at nothing to make sure that no woman takes her husband away from her. Especially not some Yankee!




rihanna ugh annoyed not having it


Disclaimer:  The review of this book was unsolicited.  I purchased the book with my money.  I read the book and now I’m reviewing the book.  

In love with a Rude boy is a collaboration of two authors, one I’ve read before and enjoyed, the second author was new to me.  The book starts off with Kadijah getting a RUDE awakening from her boyfriend’s fiancé.  Kadijah sets things in motion from that point on to teach dear old Daryn a lesson.

.  fighting cheating black dynamite

Kadijah follows her dreams and goes on with her life…Blah blah blah and all that jazz… To her surprise, her girlfriends give her an all expense paid vacation to Jamaica as her graduation present from Culinary school.

dancing music video orange booty sasha

Upon arriving in Jamaica, the crew sets off to have the time of their lives.  Didi, spots the man that makes her vulva quake.  Omari, the street peddler turned into one of the hottest deejay’s in Jamaica.  His deep Patois accent is one of the strong points that initially attract Didi to him.

2000s reggae dancehall sean paul like glue

And there you have it…Not quite!

Remember the disclaimer?  Well, refer back to that.

In my opinion, this book screamed RUSH HOUR!!!! I’ve got an idea, let’s collaborate. Writing in 1st person requires a certain level of skill and to me, not just anyone can master this.  You can not write it as you speak it! In doing so the tenses will never flow.  This book didn’t flow.  I began the book and had to restart a couple of times.  I almost put it down but like I said, I bought it and I intended on reading it.  I was intrigued by the reference to the book having a Patois dictionary included, what it actually includes is just a list of common phrases regularly used in the language, nothing very in-depth.  I’m going to wrap this up with my two cents for independent authors and publishers; self-editing is the devil, do not and I repeat DO NOT follow this trending path.  If you do, at least, get someone outside of your normal circle to give it an editorial proofread.  It’ll only make you a better writer.  I would only recommend this book to low reading level readers and that’s with a serious amount of precaution.



wtf angry book finishing


🐺The wolf changes his coat, but not his disposition. 🐺

📚 A Beauty to His Beast 2: An Urban Werewolf Story 📚

AUTHOR: Natavia
PUBLISHER: Shan Presents
RATING: 3.5 ☕️☕️☕️ Shifters


51EAELY7x9L._SX319_BO1,204,203,200_Kanya and Goon are back with their pack. Their lives should be filled with blissful times after the birth of their pups, but new and old enemies are emerging with treacherous agendas. Kanya is having a difficult time adjusting to the nature of her beast, the rules of the pack emerging with her beast is becoming overwhelming. What happens when Kanya’s beast test her mate’s?

Keora is not willing to give up on her past infatuation of Goon, she will not stop at any cost even if it means sacrificing her heart to an ancient spirit to become powerful. But as time goes on, Keora has another agenda that can even cause Goon and Kanya’s pups their lives. But what will happen when Keora falls in love with another wolf? Will it be too late to stop the war she has created?

In this second installment, secrets are revealed, new and old love is being discovered. Soul mates’ love are being tested, and a war is emerging between packs as they fight to protect the ones they love.



The pack is back!  The drama that unfolded in book one has returned full force in book two.  After Akua learns his true identity and who sired him, he becomes the target of a centuries-old obsession.  Keora, a witch and former lover of Akua in one of his lives, has vowed to have his love back once more.  However, Keora is not just an ordinary witch.  Keora and her sister Adika, Kanya’s best friend were created to be protectors of Akua.  When Keora falls in love, Akua is reborn and the memory erased.  Now that Akua knows his past and his future is taking shape, he’s forced to deal with many obstacles along the way.

The pack is not without their share of challenges as well, Kofi misses his mate in Annubi. Dayo is bewitched, Kanya can not seem to control her beast.  And there is another pack dangerously close to Akua’s territory.

black and white animal snow winter wolf

The Gods are not without flaw either, as the drama unfolds with Keora, Ammon and Naobi face the challenges of being parents and mates.

animation 80s ancient egypt egyptian god cave drawing

As much as I enjoyed book one, I also enjoyed book two.  However, the same difficulties are still present.  Investing in your craft is essential.  Any publisher or author should take as much pride in the process of publishing a book as they do in writing the book.  This book is also riddled with errors. The presentation of print work is everything.  I would love to highly recommend this book, but I simply can’t.  nature photography black snow white

🐺Love me for what I am, not what you want me to be!🐺

📚 Beauty to His Beast: An Urban Werewolf Story by Natavia 📚

TITLE: Beauty to his Beast

AUTHOR: Natavia
PUBLISHER: Shan Presents
RATING: 3.5 ☕️☕️☕️ Shifters 

51tqDygx72L._SX325_BO1,204,203,200_Kanya Williamson is a twenty-three-year-old plus-size beauty whose ancestors originated from Ancient Africa. Kanya has been heartbroken from her past that is until she sees a strange figure in the woods. From that moment on her life spirals out of control until she meets, Goon.
When Kanya and Goon start to date, her life seems complete until secrets start unraveling and strange things start happening. Goon has a secret that that he is harboring, he is a werewolf.
Xavier is in love with Kanya but there is a problem, he is a werewolf also. What will happen when two territorial Alpha’s cross paths?
In this exciting thriller, there is a lot of hidden secrets, sex, lies, and lust that will keep you on edge.




After a devastating breakup with her longtime boyfriend, Kanya Williamson, like most women takes a break from dating, sex, and men.  However, Kanya isn’t like most women.  Unbeknownst to her, her destiny, written centuries ago is on the peak of coming full circle.


love broken hearts room him

Goon has lived many lives, in the present life, Akua is reborn the son of slaves after his mother and father are lynched.  Akua is left alone in the woods until Kofi finds him and gives him the name Goon along with a new family.  A pack of brothers, Kofi, Elle, Amandi, Dayo and Izra…Wolves.

animals baby wolf wolves wolf cubOn one fateful night, the lives of Goon and Kanya are changed forever.  For Akua, although he has lived many lives his continuous reincarnation erases his memory of them.  Meeting Kanya changes that forever, which is expected when one meets their true soulmate.

For Kanya, the stories she heard as a child passed down from her grandmother to mother are becoming real making her believe she’s going insane.  As their lives unfold, Kanya becomes one with Goon and the ancient prophecies are fulfilled.

As much as I enjoyed reading this book, it also caused me dire pain.  The content although good, well researched and developed is overshadowed by the lack of or poor editing.  The grammatical mistakes are too many to mention.  This book could be five-star quality if the publisher and author invested in their work.  reign creed roleplaygateway wolves victor

🗡I am a King among peasants and a wolf among sheep…🗡

📚 Tainted No More by Blacc Topp 📚

TITLE: Tainted No More
AUTHOR: Blacc Topp
PUBLISHER: BlaccStarr Media Group/ InkSlinger Publishing
RATING: ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️  Demented

Buy the book


I am a King among peasants and a wolf among sheep……

With Jasmine locked away safely, Monica may be able to concentrate on the pursuit and capture of King Kochese. If there was one thing that the DEA and FBI had taught Agent Monica Deitrich , it was to check everyone and trust no one. Between Millicent and Noisy Boy they keep her busy and content, that is, until a new love interest threatens to tear down everything that she’s built.

A series of gruesome murders are happening simultaneously, spanning from the east coast to the Midwest and they have Jasmine and King’s signature style written all over them. Monica can feel it in her gut that King is behind the murders, but Jasmine is tucked away in a government asylum awaiting trial.

The body count is rising and all roads lead to King Kochese, but how can Monica track a ghost? How can she corner a ghost with unlimited resources and connections, capable of ruining not only her career, but her life with a snap of his cold-blooded and calloused fingers.


music funny reactions monkey drama


Where do I begin, when the previous book left off, King Kochese and Jasmine were discovered to be the dreaded insane Monopoly Killers.  The most deadly duo, leaving a gruesome body count spread like the game.  I’ll never look at the game the same… Fast forward, King is on the run and Jasmine is locked away tight in an insane asylum.

Torn between her job and her only family left, Monica Deitrich still reaches out to her sister on a regular basis.  However, the person staring back at her is no longer the little innocent girl.  Jasmine, pregnant and cuffed to a hospital bed, hates her sister with a passion.  Her loyalty lies with King Kochese.

epitaphrecords music love heart blood

If money is the root of all evil, then King Kochese is the banker.  Having billions in his reach as the heir to CrossTech Industries, King Kochese defies the odds again on the run.  Genius and insanity often go hand in hand and with Kochese’s sick mind, he devises a plan to not only reunite his family but to take revenge on the woman who first stole his heart then brought down his empire.

epitaphrecords music eyes gold blue eyes

A spree of murders, set to be grimmer than the Monopoly killings are taking place across the country, leaving the DEA and FBI scrambling to track the killer or killers.   As the bodies rack up, Monica Deitrich is once again forced to defend the job she loves and the blood ties she holds.  Having to deal with that and face the reality that her feelings for the King, leaves her mentally depleted and in the arms of those she may not be able to trust.

art animation film sad water

The action and page turning plot of this book is not for the faint of heart.  I highly recommend this series, the author has constructed a plot of mayhem and murder that is surely a classic tale of horror.

💋 She who laughs last, laughs best! 💋

☕️ Woman at the Top of the Stairs III: Final Say by Deidra D.S. Green ☕️

TITLE:  Woman at the Top of the Stairs III: Final Say
AUTHOR:     Deidra D.S. Green
PUBLISHER: Rathsi Publishing Company

RATING:  ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ Revenge is best served Cold! 


51cr+J0V4lL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_Woman at the Top of the Stairs II brought more drama to Gina’s life. There are still matters yet unresolved. Will Marlon’s killer ever be found? Is Percy gone for good? Will Ashleigh get away with murder? And what about Gina? Will she ever be rid of Mac or will he win out in the end. All questions will be answered in Woman at the Top of the Stairs III, The Final Say.








REVIEW:   This is the last book in the trilogy Woman at the Top of the Stairs.  When we left off in book two, Gina had been assaulted by former husband Mac.  The women of her circle; Zenobia, Yvette and Ashleigh were still dealing with their own individual battles.

movies idris elba second coming nadine marshall

Before diving deep into this book, what I didn’t expect in the least little bit, took place.  We’re not only caught up on the former characters from previous books but also introduced to a new set of characters.  Freedom and Brock bring about a new look into the old adage, “Same sex, same problems.”  Yet, that’s not where the story ends.  Mac is a man who believes he can do whatever he likes whenever he likes.

There is so much going on in this wicked thriller, confessions, jealousy, obsession and more.

In an effort to leave no stone unturned, the author brought about unpredictable alliances.  The pages in this gruesome story shed some details that would leave the faint of heart, shaking in their boots. With the exception of the new characters introduced, closure of the life of the Woman still at the top of the stairs was heartbreaking and triumphant.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to others.


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